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How safe is the ground you’re standing on?

Living at the cliff’s edge, enjoying an endless view of the ocean, and going to sleep at nights to the dancing of ocean waves is a dream that some people seek.  Yet it can be a nightmare when nature decides to act up.  Planning departments and other government agencies have built large historical databases that record the erosion of shorelines and have implemented regulations to try to keep people safe.

Building close to the cliff’s edge can be extremely dangerous.  Often, it is a ticking time bomb.  When planners review new construction plans, they establish what the shoreline setbacks should be for a given parcel.  If the cliff is subject to undercutting, then the setback should start from the farthest point in of the cutout, not the cliff’s edge.  A planner may consider other factors as well such as historical evidence,  geological composition and environmental changes.  Code Compliance Plus helps planners to enforce infractions associated with shorelines.