Since 2006, Scott Leonard has been a zoning code inspector for the County of Hawaii.  He designed, developed, and has been using Code Compliance Plus (CC+) to automate the code enforcement process.  During this time he also developed a solution that manages conditions of permits, rezoning, plan approvals, etc.

Prior to joining the County of Hawaii, Scott worked for the Department of Defense for 32 years, analyzing systems and improving processes.  Since 1992, he has been designing software solutions, such as:

– A tracking system for a $2 billion five-nation international communications program that managed engineering and life cycle logistics data to oversee logistics milestones and risk assessments.

– An interim supply support system for the US Navy that reduced paperwork by 99.9% and reduced equipment failures by 70% in support of 470 new communications transmitters at 20 facilities worldwide.

Scott also has broad experience with community and land issues, including government policy making.  He owned and operated a real estate company in San Diego, California that developed housing and condominium projects as well as residential sales.  In Hawaii, he owned and operated Paliuli Home Inspection for three years providing detailed analysis of foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical and landscaping impacts for future home owners prior to going to work for the County of Hawaii.

Scott lives in Hilo, Hawaii, on the “Big Island,” with his wife, two children, two  dogs, four cats, and one rabbit.   He enjoys organic farming on a one-acre in-town farm.  He also bikes to work and teaches chess at a local elementary school.

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