Community Issues

Code enforcement helps protect the health and safety of people, provides for the wise use of land and creates harmonious communities.  We all want to be able to pursue our dreams and be left alone to do our own thing, but in reality we don’t live in isolation.  Somehow and in some way, we are connected to a community.  The challenge for each of us is to make things better where we live.  Code Compliance Plus helps inspectors resolve community issues that avoids neighbor to neighbor confrontations.

Here are a few examples of how individuals and government can get into a pickle regarding code enforcement:

Individual Pickles:
–  Building a house on the wrong lot or building/altering a structure without permits
–  Living in an unconventional dwelling (shipping containers, tents, trailers, storage sheds, etc.)
–  Operating a non-permitted business based on the location’s zoning
–  Derelict or abandoned vehicles

Code Compliance Plus helps inspectors and managers to resolve these type of organizational pickles:

Government Pickles:
–  Trying to enforce out-of-date, ambiguous or conflicting codes
–  Not having a tracking system to ensure a timely response
–  Being unable to identify problem areas for possible improvement
–  Not proactively educating the public to head off problems before they occur

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