Solution: CC+

Are you a person who looks for the right tool for the job, a new doodad that saves time, or a computer program that makes your life easier, faster and better?  Finding the right tool that changes how you do something is tricky because you need to know when and what to change.

Code Compliance Plus (CC+) was developed by an experienced enforcement inspector to keep his efforts on track and manage his cases.   He soon discovered that it changed how the public responded to him; they were happier and less frustrated because of better, more consistent, and timely enforcement process.  This led to more education and problem prevention, as well as developing better working relationships between violators and local government.

CC+ is designed to integrate one or more enforcement responsibilities into one central function which can reduce cost and improve a timely and simplified service to the community using a paperless process.  Imagine what benefits can be realized by having one inspector addressing, zoning, building, environmental and health issues rather than four agencies, and four inspectors with four different organizational processes.

So what if you do things differently?  No sweat, CC+ can be tailored to how you work.  CC+ offers you a professional team of people that will help you get started, provide you training and technical support.  You’ll be using a great product, at a great price, in a very short time.

Check out these short videos to see the program in action!  For a customized price quote, please contact us.

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